Spice Money:

Spice money is one of the largest companies in India. This has impact on digital and financial services across the country. It has created more than 5 lakh entrepreneurs. Through the spice money you can start your own digital business with zero investment. The zero investment program is useful for the kirana store owners, unemployed students, and all the women who will be free at their homes. This connects the gap between rural and urban regions. This has collaborated with the actor sonu sood in order make a step forward for transforming our villages into a digital excellence. Spice Money provides many services like banking, payment, tours and travel, bada bazaar, Suraksha, Loan Services, Devices and other services.  Spice money also provides employment services to the young and challenging people to show their innovative and creative skills. Spice money provides the most used IMPS service for making payments.

Spice Money Registration:

To register online as a spice money agent you have to pay some registration fee. If you are looking for a platform where you can earn money then this is the best platform for you. You can earn a lot by becoming a spice money agent. Now let’s see how you have to register for becoming a spice money agent and how to earn etc. the following are the steps given for registering on spice money as a agent through online. Follow the below step by step procedure to register:

Step 1 : Visit the official website of spice money or click here 

Step 2 : There you can find the join now option on the right top of the page and there you can “join as adhikari” or “join a partner” option. If you want to become a distributor of the spice money or agent of spice money you can select join as partner. If you want to become an entrepreneur then you can select “join as adhikari“.

Step 3 : If you have selected “ join as partner” then you will be asked to fill your contact information and they will get back to you, if they would like to give you a spice money agent ID.

Step 4 : If you have selected the “join as adhikari” option then you have to download the spice money app to register for this adhikari.

Step 5 : After downloading the app, you have to fill some basic details like you name mobile number etc and you have to verify your mobile number and email ID and then submit.

Step 6 : You will be given your Spice money agent ID, but some of your services are not activated such as AEPS service or IRCTC train ticketing etc.

Step 7 : To activate all the services of the spice money agent, you have to pay some Spice money registration fee.

Spice Money Registration Offline:

You can also become a spice money agent by contacting your nearest distributor and submitting all the below mentioned documents.

1.  Aadhar card signed xerox copy.

2. Pan card signed xerox copy.

3. one photograph.

Spice Money Login :

You can login to the spice money portal by following the below step by step process.

Step 1 : Visit the official website of spice money to login.

Step 2 : After opening the spice money login portal You will see a page, where you have to enter your login details.

Step 3 : Enter your Spice money login ID and enter your password and then submit.

Step 4 : You will be successfully logged in to your spice money portal.

Step 5 : You can see a dashboard of your account and you can avail all the services of the spice money here.

B2B Portal for Agents:

All the people who are registered as agents on the spice money portal can login to their B2B portal by visiting the official website or by clicking here.

Then a page will be displayed and here you have to enter your login details like your agent ID and password. Now agree to all the terms and conditions and then click on submit to login to the B2B Portal for Agents. Now, you can login and enjoy all the services on the spice money.

Spice Money Contact:

You can contact the spice money customer service or customer care executive by visiting the official portal of spice money and go to contact us in the menu or you can directly search for spice money helpline in google search bar.

Here is some information about spice money contact:

Spice money customer care number: +91 120 3986786, +91 120  5077786

Email id: [email protected]


What is Spice safar portal?

B2B potal for agents is also known as spice safar portal.

Who takes the spice safar portal?

Agents who are registered on the spice money will take the spice safar portal to login to their spice money agent account.

Can Spice safar agent provide ATM services?

Yes, he can give the money to you by debiting from your account just as if ATM.

Do we need to pay anything for registering as a agent?

Yes, you need to pay a one time registration fee.