PICME stands for Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation. It is an initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu government to help for the pregnant women. PICME is an good initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu government. We know that many women are facing difficulties during the pregnancy. We are seeing many cases where the people from rural areas have to travel for a long distances for their medical need at the time of pregnancy. PICME helps the women who are facing such difficulties during pregnancy.  The government provides many facilities for the women, who gets registered on the PICME Portal. The women who got registered on the PICME portal will be given a PICME ID. Once a pregnant woman gets registered on PICME portal, the local nurses will keep monitoring them and will take special care during the initial stage of the pregnancy. Along with this, these nurses will also help pregnant women to upload all the necessary documents in the software. So that they can avail all the necessary facilities from the Tamil Nadu State Government. The nurses will also help the pregnant women all the time about the steps that they should follow in order to get the required help from the Tamil Nadu State Government.

PICME Registration:

PICME Registration can be done in 4 ways. You can select  your own method from the following which will be easy for you. The four ways of registration are given below.

  1.  Self-registration on the PICME Official website.
  2. PICME Registration in nearby Mee – Seva center.
  3. PICME Registration through phone by dialing 102 from your mobile.
  4. PICME Registration by visiting the nearest Government hospital and taking the help of the persons in the hospital.

From all the options available for registering on PICME, Self Registration through the official website is the most convenient and easiest way for registering on PICME. The step – by – step process for registering on PICME portal through online is given below:

Step – 1 – Visit the PICME official portal for registration or click on the link  https://picme.tn.gov.in/.

Step – 2 – On the right side of the page, you can see the “Pre-Registration by Public” option, click on that option to register for self.

Step – 3 – Then a new page will be displayed with a registration form, where you have to fill all the details required for registration such as your Name, address, Aadhaar details etc…

Step – 4 – While filling the form you need to select a time slot from the given options provided to get in touch with the Village medical nurse for verification purpose.

Step – 5 – Now, you have to fill your email id and your mobile number in the form. Then click on the Generate OTP option to get verified.

Step – 6 – Now enter the OTP, that you have received on your mobile number to verify the details. Now, enter the Captcha and click on the “Save” option and submit the form.

Once the registration is completed, you will get your PICME number. PICME number consists of 12 digits. You will receive the PICME ID on your registered mobile number and email Id. As you get your PICME ID  the nearest medical authorities will get in touch with you and you have to visit the nearest healthcare center. Then you will be assigned with the RCH ID. This is the ID that you need to use in different places for different activities in the future. Generally, it will take a month or less to complete the entire registration process.

PICME Login:

After the successful registration, you can login to the portal by using the following step by step process. The login credentials for are sent to you soon after the completion of registration process. The medical authorities will also help you in getting your username and password for your login. The steps for login are given below:

Step 1 :  Visit the PICME official portal or click on the link https://picme.tn.gov.in.

Step 2 :  Click on login option and enter your username and password to continue to login.

Step 3 : Now. enter the Captcha code provided below the box.

Step 4 : As a final step to login, click on the “submit” option.

Now you are successfully logged into the profile, and you can see all the details like status of your financial aids etc.. and you can also edit your details whenever and wherever required.

PICME Status Check:

As soon as you complete the registration process you can check the status of your registration through PICME Status Check. After you complete the registration, you have to wait for the PICME number, and  RCH ID. During this waiting stage, you can check the status of your PICME number. To check the status follow the below steps :

Step 1 : Visit the PICME official portal or click on the link https://picme.tn.gov.in.

Step 2 : Now click on the “Pre-Registration by Public” option that you have already used for registration.

Step 3 : On the next page, select the option “Pre-registration Application ID status” option.

Step 4 : In the box given on the portal, you have to provide your 12 digit application Id or PICME number that you have received after registration.

Step 5 : Finally, click on the” submit ” button and your PICME Status will be displayed on the screen.

PICME app is also available.


How do I find my user id and password for PICME?

The username and password will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id.

How to check the status of my PICME number?

You can check the status of the PICME registration, using PICME number sent to you after completing the registration process.

How to download the PICME acknowledgement?

Once the pre- registration is completed, you will get PICME ID by SMS. You can download the acknowledgement using this PICME number.

Will I get money if I register in PICME?

Yes, you will be given a small amount of Rs.2000/- per month for nine months i.e. a total amount of Rs.18000/- will be given to every mother.