Oppo Warranty:

Oppo is a popular brand, which is highest selling in India and other countries too. They have lot of varieties like smartphones, earphones wired and wireless, sound bars, headsets, speakers, traveling chargers and charging cables etc. In some metro cities there are service centers where you can easily claim the warranty of any product such as smartphones, power banks, Bluetooth based earphones and some other mobile accessories. Oppo warranty applies for all the products which are under warranty period. All the parts which are of oppo brand comes under Oppo warranty policy. You can check how to request for the Oppo warranty Claim and you can also check how to check Oppo warranty status of a oppo product. In this article you can find all the details about Oppo warranty and the process to claim Oppo warranty and how to check the warranty status of the product etc.

Oppo warranty check online India:

You can check the warranty of your oppo mobile warranty online by entering your IMEI number online in the oppo official website vivo.com. Visit oppo.com and go to support and there you can find ” Please Input your IMEI number for authentication” under that a box will be present, you have to enter your IMEI number in that and enter the captcha and click on “check now” so that you can authenticate your mobile.

If you do not know your IMEI number then you can check your IMEI number in your mobile. There are three ways to check your IMEI number in your mobile itself. They are:

1. Dial *#06# in your mobile and click on dial button, your IMEI number will be displayed on the mobile screen.

2. Go to settings in your mobile phone and select more settings option and click on the about phone button to check your IMEI number.

Settings—More Settings—About phone

3. You can also view your IMEI number on the oppo package box.

Oppo Warranty Policy:

Oppo has different terms and conditions for different countries, you can also find Oppo warranty check Malaysia for Malaysia and Oppo warranty check India for India etc.. here we are discussing Vivo warranty India.

oppo warranty period:

1.This warranty policy applies only to oppo mobile phones sold in India.

2. A customer can choose the mobile phone replacement or repair if there is any functional error in the mobile phone. But it can be done within 30 days from the date of purchase and after that it is has one year warranty but cannot be replaced.

3. For all the mobile accessories like removable battery, charger, data cable, earphone & SD card, the warranty period is 6 months after purchase.

4. To get all the warranty replacement and repair services, the customer should show the valid proof of purchase i.e. tax invoice given for online purchase and pay slip given for offline or in store purchase.

5. Oppo mobiles which are purchased after December 15, 2020 will have “2 years of service warranty“.

Oppo Warranty terms and conditions:

1. Warranty repair services are valid only if the product is used normally. If the product is damaged due to some other reasons other than product quality or the product is belongs to one of the following situations,  i) It is not authorized to get warranty replacement or repair services, but you can pay to have the product repaired.

ii) Warranty period has expired for the particular product and has no warranty replacement or repair services.

(iii) The product has no valid proof of purchase.

(iv) The proof of purchase and the product details are not matching.

(v) If the product is repaired at any unauthorized service center.

(vi) Damaged caused by external or natural forces like earthquake, fire etc., natural wear and tear of the product (for instance scratch or broken marks on back cover, button, display screen and accessories etc.).

(vii) If the mobile is damaged due to the use of non-original accessories like (charger, data cable etc.) is not covered in the replacement and warranty services.

(viii) If the product is damaged due to liquid ( water) or moisture entering the product or by physical damage.

2. Customer can avail the service at any of the oppo authorized service center in India.

3. All the parts, components and accessories replaced during the warranty period belongs to company and customers are not charged for that.

Oppo Warranty Claim:

If your product is eligible for warranty services, you can claim your warranty in the nearest oppo service center available for you. Visit the service center with tax invoice or any valid purchase proof. You can claim your warranty.

To know more information about service centers present in India Visit the oppo.com official website and at the bottom of the page you can see service center option click on that and select your location to see all the authorized service centers present in your location. or You can also click here.


How to use oppo warranty?

For any kind of technical issue which comes under warranty services can be resolved in the service centers under warranty without any charge.

How can I check my Oppo warranty online? How can I check my oppo phone warranty?

Visit Oppo official website oppo.com and go to support section and under the support section you can find warranty check option.

How do I claim oppo warranty?

You can claim oppo warranty in any of the authorized service center present in India.

How do I register my oppo e warranty?

Go to “Settings” then Select “After Sales Service” and Select “e-warranty card” and click on “Register warranty”.

How can I check my mobile warranty?

You can check your mobile warranty online by entering the IMEI number in some free sites like IMEI24.com etc.

How long is oppo warranty?

Since December 15, 2020 Oppo has given only one year warranty for all the products and after December 15,2020 Oppo started “2 year warranty service” for all the products purchased.

How can I check Oppo activation date?

Go to google and search ” check oppo activation date” and click on the first link and enter your IMEI number. If you do not know IMEI number dial *#06#.