Meesho Registration:

Meesho is India’s no.1  reselling platform and it brings products from the wholesale markets and resell to the customers after adding some extra charges. This app has became a small business for the people who are staying at home. They can just register into the app and earn money by selling the products to the customers. This can be done at anytime, anywhere as a part time work . Most of the people earning money online without any investment.

Meesho Seller Registration:

Meesho seller registration is a easy and simple way. It allows individuals to start their own business online using social sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. There no investment required to start the business. So anyone who wants to expand his/her business can register on the Meesho portal and can become popular through the online business. Meesho concept is to resell. There are quality products of different categories like clothing, home accessories etc. The interesting part of the Meesho is reseller can decide the price of the product. The profit margin is calculated with respect to the selling price decided by the reseller. The customer will not be aware that the price is marked by the reseller. Resellers can also order the items on behalf of the customers and you can enter your own business name and address that the customer will be able to see. The users who sell products on Meesho are called resellers. The commissions will be high. You can just download the Meesho app and can become reseller and you can make your family members as the customers. You can also become a seller on the Meesho platform by just listing your own products. You can also give your contact number as a Meesho supplier contact number.

Meesho Supplier/Seller Registration Process:

New Users can register on the Meesho Seller Login page and start their own individual business. You can view Meesho supplier policy to have an idea about Meesho supplier terms and conditions. If you are a new user then follow the below Meesho seller registration process. To create a Meesho seller account you just follow the below steps.

Step 1 : List your products on Meesho 

As you are going to register as a seller, you have to list all your products that you have to sell on meesho as Meesho products list.

Step 2 : Keep your GSTIN, Pan card and Bank account details ready

To be a Meesho supplier you should have GSTIN, Pan Card and Bank account details and enter all the three details as a request to join Meesho.

Step 3 : After submitting the above details you will receive an email for creating Meesho supplier account. The title of the email will be Supplier onboarding and a link to fill the form will be sent.

Step 4 : Fill the form and submit the application.

Within three days your supplier account will be activated. Now you can sell all your products through Meesho online. 

If you do not have any of the above mentioned documents (GSTIN, Pan etc) you can register as a Meesho reseller.

You can also have a look on the glow road supplier login. Glow road is also a application similar to Meesho.

Meesho Login:

You can login into your Meesho account through Meesho app or Meesho online.

Meesho Seller Login:

Once your account is activated supplier or seller can login into their account by their login credentials and receive orders from the customers. All the sellers need to keep the orders readily packed as per the orders received. Meesho delivery agents will pick up the orders and they will take of the delivery and all other things only packing is seller work.

If you are registered as a reseller. You can start sharing the products by logging in into your Meesho reseller account  through Meesho reseller login option available in the Meesho online or Meesho app. You can quote your price for the product you shared and you can make a deal with the customers. Once the deal is confirmed you can place orders on behalf of the customers and add your business name and your contact number and your address.

Receiving of Payments:

There are both online and offline payment methods available for the products sold on Meesho. You will receive all the payments instantly as soon as the payment is done by the customer. In case of any payment related information or issues Meesho suppliers/sellers and Meesho resellers can contact Meesho seller support to get their problems solved.

There are more than 1 million resellers on the  Meesho seller panel.

Benefits of Meesho online shopping:

1. As all the products are from the wholesale market, the customers gets the products at a affordable price.

2. The orders made through Meesho shopping are simple and hassle-free.

3. The payments made are also quick and secure.

4. Fastest Delivery, easy returns and good customer support .


1. How do I supply Supplies to Meesho?

You do not need to supply anything to Meesho, you just need to register as a supplier on the Meesho portal and all the products are taken by the Meesho delivery agents.

2. How do I contact Meesho Supplier?

All the details about the Meesho supplier will be provided along with the product when your order is delivered.

3. Can I sell Meesho products on my website?

Yes, you can resell the Meesho products on your own website. Just share the product link and paste it on your own website.

4. Can I sell Meesho products on Flipkart?

Yes, you can also sell your products on Flipkart but you need to have Flipkart retail account. You can copy the product details and add them on Flipkart as a new product.