Khajane 2 Karnataka:

This is a web application developed by the department of treasuries of government of Karnataka. Only authorized users are able to use this web application. To use this web application you should know the terms and conditions of use, and you should follow the applicable information security guidelines. If you are an unauthorized user of this application, you are taken under disciplinary action and you may have civil and criminal penalties as per the Indian Law.

With the help of Khajane 2 portal all the government treasury offices are connected to a single server. This portal main aim is to bring all the treasury system in the state to a fair state i.e. without any discrepancies.

Khajane 2 Registration:

This portal can be used by the government employees of Karnataka state only. First of all, Government employees of Karnataka who want to use this portal has to register on this portal and need to get a digital certificate. Once the employee registers on this portal he gets User ID and password and this credentials will be with him until he retires from the job.

One thing you need to know clearly is that not all the government employees get access to this portal. Only the ones who belongs to the financial department of Government of Karnataka. Users can get registered at the treasury office by treasury officer. The DDO and other support also should be present for the registration process.

The following are the steps of registration process:

Step 1 : You have to download the forms R1 and R2 from the official website and fill them manually.

Step 2 : After filling up all the required details in the form, the forms should be taken to the District treasury.

Step 3 : The user has to go to the treasury office and has to enrol the biometric at the treasury office.

Step 4 : The user has to download the Form 7 and have to submit it at the treasury office. And he has to complete the digital signature at the office itself.

Your registration completes and you will be given the login credentials.

Khajane 2 Login Karnataka:

Even you are registered on the portal and you have the login credentials you are not allowed to login to khajane portal. When the officers like DDO or others are identify that you are required to handle certain responsibility then only you are allowed to login as an authorized user. In case you are not asked to login or you are not authorized by the officials then you should not try to login . It will be considered as a crime. Hence Khajane 2 login is only for the authorized users.

How to login to the Khajane 2 portal:

Step 1 : Visit the Khajane 2 Official portal.

Step 2 : On the page you can see two options for language selection either kannada or english. Select the language that you are comfortable with.

Step 3 : You will find two options for login, one is DMS and the other one is IFMS. Select the one you to which you want to login.

Step 4 : A new khajane 2 login  page will be opened and you have to enter your login credentials.

Step 5 : Enter the captcha and click on sign in button.

Khajane 2 Login Challan Generation:

You can generate the challan in two ways. Challan generation by citizens and challan generation by DDOs.

Generation of Challan by citizens:

Step 1 : Visit the Khajane 2 official portal through

Step 2 : A new page will be opened and you have to click on the services option available on the page.

Step 3 : Click on “Generate challan” option and fill the details required to generate the challan.

Step 4 : Now, select the purpose of generating the challan and enter the amount and click on “add” button.

Step 5 : You have to select the payment mode through which you are going to pay the amount mentioned in the challan.

Step 6 : Pay the amount and click on submit button to generate challan and take the print of the challan.

Generation of Challan by DDO:

Step 1 : Visit Khajane 2 official website

Step 2 : Now select Transactions from challan option from the page.

Step 3 : Now click on the generate challan button and the date will be automatically generated if you select remitter.

Step 4 : Enter the details of remitter and click on add button. You can also edit or delete the challan at this stage.

Step 5 : Now, Select the payment mode and pay the amount and click on submit.

The challan will be generated and if the DDO wants to generate the challan for self he can follow the same steps but he has to enter the date manually.


1. What is Khajane 2 login recipient ID?

The login ID which is given for the user to login to the portal is the khajane 2 login recipient ID.

2. Who are allowed to access the Khajane 2 portal?

The government employees of Karnataka, who belongs to the financial department are only given login credentials and they are also allowed login to the portal only when authorized to login.

3. Can we register on khajane 2 portal through online?

No, you cannot register on khajane 2 portal through online. The employees has to visit the treasury office to get registered on the khajane 2 portal.

4. Citizens of Karnataka can generate challan through khajane 2 portal or not?

Yes, they can generate the challan through the khajane 2 portal. The process of generaing the challan is mentioned above. This facility is also limited to certain departments.

5. Whom should we contact for help related to khajane 2 portal?

There is a customer support team for the khajane 2 portal, you can contact them for any clarification of doubts or issues. Customer help-line number for khajane 2 is 080-22288801. You can also contact them via email through [email protected]