Impartus is a innovative organization that always works for creating a innovative solutions for the education and related field. This has a flagship product that enables all the institutes, Schools and Colleges to share the content among the students and also video-based interaction that helps the students to learn from home during this pandemic. Impartus is a video platform which has the features like, live online classes, lecture capture, live video API, corporate training etc. Impartus registration process is very simple and any educational institute or School or College located in India can register and use the facilities provided by the site. Impartus has fully customizable features hence it will be very easily accessible by the user. The mobile application is also available for the impartus video related platform. The Impartus app is available in play store and we can download the app directly from google play store. Impartus app is free of cost. Impartus has a live monitoring and you can learn the live courses easily through this Impartus app.

Impartus Registration:

If you want to use the Impartus virtual classroom for live online classes, without any interruptions and have a good expeience, you need to register as a paid user on the impartus website. If you register on the impartus the teachers will be able to teach or conduct unlimited live and interactive sessions. Impartus has the capability for upto 1000 students in one session. It also provides a automatic recording of the session and the recorded sessions can be given to the students through the same platform. All the recorded sessions are able to watch on the impartus platform itself. This feature makes it more efficient than Zoom. Only one registration will be sufficient for the entire school or educational institute. All the teachers of the registered School can use the impartus platform to take the class at a time. The process of registration is as given below:

Step-by-step process:

Step 1: To register on Impartus as a educational Institute, Visit the Impartus official website

Step 2 : Click on the “sign up” button present at the center of the page.

Step 3 : A new page with registration form will be opened and you have to fill the form by filling all the mandatory fields.

Step 4 : You cannot register as a student, only institute can be registered. Fill your name, Designation, Institute, Email, Contact number as all these fields are mandatory.

Step 5 : After filling all the details, verify once and then click on ” Submit “.

Your registration process completes successfully.

Impartus Login:

The institutes which are registered on the Impartus portal can login to it by using the login credentials provided to them at the time of registration. You can login to the Impartus website or portal by following the below procedure.

To login to the Impartus portal, Go to the Impartus official portal 

On the right top of the home page you can find the menu, Click on the menu to login to your domain. If you forgot your password, you can recover the password by clicking on the forgot password option available there and then enter your registered mail id and click on ” Submit “.

or you can directly land on the login page by clicking here.

Impartus provides seperate web links for each university or educational institute, which registers on the impartus platform. You can also find ivl impartus login or pes impartus login or pesu impartus login for PES University, impartus login jaipuria for Jaipuria institute of Management, impartus bits for Bits pilani, impartus login mepco for Mepco Schlenk Engineering College.

You can also find janasudha impartus login etc.

Impartus attendance System:

The attendance is marked in the below given process when a student login to the impartus live classes.

How attendance is marked in impartus?

When you join the class you have been marked as “present” in the impartus but the total time you are active on the class will be given as a report to your teacher at the end of the class. Then your teacher has the choice to mark your attendance.  The time you remain on the impartus class tab is considered as active time. If you switch to another tab you are considered as “Inactive”.


How can I log into Impartus?

You can log into impartus from

How can I download Impartus lecture videos?

Go to the lecture, which you want to download and you can find the download icon which appears besides the lecture title. Tap on the download title.

Is Impartus free?

No, it is not a free portal. It charges for the services provided by it to the customers. It offers a free trial for few days. After that  you need to pay $1000 dollars.

What is Impartus app?

It is a virtual video- based teaching and learning platform, that helps the educational institutes to teach online through live classes.