BoAt Product :

Boat is an popular product which is highest selling in india and other countries to. They have lot of varieties like earphones wired and wireless, sound bars, headsets, speakers, traveling chargers and charging cables etc. This is mostly popular in audio electronics sector. There are number of products and models. Here the boat advantage is easy to claim and take the replacement of any product in warranty period of time. They have good service which they only take the return and replace the delivery with new product. In some metro cities there are service centers you can easy to claim the any product such as Earphones, Headphones, Sound bars and Speakers etc.

Process To Claim :

They have the policy such as ‘No questions asked’ replacement policy, while replacing the product they wont ask any more questions while with in warranty period of time.

Process of warranty the claim is such a easy process. Just you have to take the copy of ordered invoice which may be amazon or flipkart or any retail shop which you buyed.

Step 1: You have to visit the site  or click here

Step2: Select the Register a Complaint

Step3: Fill the above details which your product want replace BoAt Earphone or Headset Model and select here.

Register a Boat Complaint

Step4: Fill the above details your name, email, all those fill and upload the invoice of the product and submit.

Boat Headset Claim

After filling all the details you will get the confirmation mail and in the you will get after few hours status id also. With Status id you can track the product easily by the enter ticket number in the same website and you can track easily the product. By these steps you can claim the boat headset, earphones in india.

After few days there person will visit and take your old product and give your new product after some inspections can be done then they will deliver to your home in india.

And there is option like you can visit to the BoAt Service Center and claim the warranty.

The Boat Service Centers List:

Delhi NCR

Uttar Pradesh






Tamil Nadu

West Bengal




Madhya Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh


Visit here for the full location details city wise.

Service center working hours can be according to the normal days and they will close the service center in national holidays and sundays.

If you have more queries regarding the service center or product enquiry then you can contact them via Email :  [email protected]

Terms and Conditions For BoAt Warranty Claim

They does not take in to the replacement policy if any physical damage or electronical damage.

  •   Accident/neglect
  •   Misuse
  •   Abuse
  •   Malicious destruction
  •   Ordinary wear and tear
  •   Acts of nature

Which was any defect from there fault like improper testing the product while deliver, Installation, Battery problem then they will approved for the replacement policy.

The boAt customer representative will take the final decision after overall checking the product according to their policy then they will approver the claim process.

The Overall products sold in india will be fulfilled by Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. They are the responsible to take the charge to import the products and replace the products within warranty period of time. The customers can mail them to claim while if any problem with their website then they will respond to the mail [email protected] 

To claim their warranty and there services enquiry you can visit there website and reach out

The temporary or permanent affixing of any items supplied or not supplied by the manufacturer with any adhesive, fastener or the like.
Overcharging, use of batteries, power supplies or any other sources of power is not recommended by the manufacturer.