Codetantra is a EdTech start-up  in India. It aims at improving the software coding skills in the youth across the nation. This platform provides many services along with coding skills.  CodeTantra provides  interactive teaching and learning, Testing and assessments, Online courses and internships. This also provides question banks for the preparation of  GATE, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT etc. Now, you can also have online conferencing in the codetantra platform. The basic aim of codetantra is to provide a quality education to all.

Codetantra Registration:

All the students who are interested to learn the coding related courses and the institutes which are willing to provide the teaching and learning platform to the students can also register on the codetantra platform. There is only one registration for the institutes/ universities and the students who are willing to take the courses can take the course directly by registering on the spot and paying the fee for the course selected. Only institutes can register on the Codetantra Portal to avail all the facilities provided by codetantra platform.

How to Register on Codetantra Portal:

You have to register on the codetantra portal as an university or institute. You need some basic information to register on codetantra. The institutes registered on codetantra can avail all the services provided on the codetantra platform. You can register on codetantra by following the below steps for registration.

Steps for Registering your institute on Codetantra platform:

Step 1: Visit codetantra official website

Step 2: On the home page you can find the “Register Univ or School” at the centre of the page.

Step 3: enter the email address of your institute or university and click on the “Register univ or School” button.

Step 4: Then a new page with some details like your college name etc to be filled to continue the registration process.

Step 5: After filling all the details click on ” Create my domain” button to create your own website in the name of your institute.

Now, the registration is completed and you will receive the login credentials to the registered email id.  You can login to your own codetantra portal and can use all the services like teaching online, giving assignments, online test through remote proctoring etc..

Codetantra Login:

The institutes which are registered on the codetantra portal can login to it by using the login credentials provided to them at the time of registration. You can login to the codetantra website or portal by following the below procedure.

To login to the codetantra portal, Go to the codetantra official portal

On the right top of the home page you can find the login button, Click on the Login button to login to your domain. If you forgot your password, you can recover the password by clicking on the forgot password option available there and then enter your registered mail id and click on “recover” option.

There many sites of codetantra are available in the google. Because there is a separate site for all the institutes registered on the codetantra.

You can find the sites like “Codetantra login iitk” for IIT KANPUR, “Codetantra login mrecw” for malla reddy engineering college for women, “Codetantra Login upes”  for UPES University, “Codetantra Login srm” for SRM University, “Codetantra login lps” for LPU, “sbit Codetantra login”  for SBIT, “vit Codetantra login” for VIT  and “Codetantra global edge” for golbal edge school etc. For every institute a separate site is provided by codetantra.

Codetantra Fee details:

Individual students can take the courses on codetantra for improving their coding skills. The fee details of such courses can be checked in the official website. Generally, The common price for JAVA, PYTHON etc courses is given as Rs. 11500/-. The individuals who take this course can avail the benefits of learning and practicing for one year.

Codetantra Contact:

For any help regarding codetantra or for solving any type of technical problems faced by you on codetantra platform you can contact them directly by calling them on the help-line numbers or by mailing them on their support mail id.

you can contact codetantra through any of  the following way:

support email : [email protected]

Phone numbers:

Codetantra eligibility:  All the students or individuals who are willing to take courses on coding languages are eligible. And all the institutes are also eligible to register on Codetantra. There is no last date for Codetantra registration.


1. How to login and connect to teach online classes with codetantra view online classes.

Login to Codetantra on the website or app and select “live meetings” from the menu and create a meeting and share the meeting details with your students and teach online.

2. What is Codetantra?

Codetantra is a EdTech start-up  in India. It aims at improving the software coding skills and it also provides many services like virtual classroom, live meetings, Remote proctored assignments and exams for the students.

3. What is Codetantra procroted exam?

It is an online exam conducted on Codetantra platform where a invigilator will be observing through a remote window.

4. How do I download Codetantra app?

The codetantra app is not available in the play store at present. You can download the pc version of codetantra from google chrome.

5. How do I copy and paste Codetantra?

Select what you want to copy and then go to your files in your pc and copy the text you want to paste in codetantra. Now, come back to codetantra and place the cursor on the selected text and paste it.